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Tips about Known Issues

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Goals for my Clients in 2017

Hello 2017! Well that went by quick, didn’t it? As I’m typing this blog post it’s already November 2016 and it’s time to look forward to our plans for 2017. With that in mind, I’m going to outline the goals I’m setting out for my clients in 2017. Same as our personal goals, some of

SQL On The Edge #11 – Azure Data Lake Fundamentals

It is no secret that we are generating increasing amounts of data every day. Hundreds of apps on our phones that we carry with us every day, amass a collection of data from connected devices. Hundreds and thousands of different computer systems enable the operations of every single company in the planet. We are at

How to Choose the Right Cloud Provider and Solution

Once you’ve tackled the challenge of understanding if you should move to the public cloud, you’re faced with the next big question: which cloud provider and solution will meet my business’ needs? There are many major providers in the market with their own unique features, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important

SQL On The Edge #10 – SQL 2016 Columnstore Improvements

SQL Server 2016 hit general availability on June 1st 2016 and comes with a big set of new features and improvements. From built-in JSON support to mobile and tablet friendly Reporting Services, as usual there is a lot of investment done by Microsoft before a major release of the flagship database product. In this post

Beginner’s Guide to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

UPDATE: I have published a 90 minutes course on Pluralsight that goes over the fundamentals of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and has demos of provisioning, designing, loading and monitoring the system. The course can be found HERE.   The power of cloud storage and compute power has put data warehousing in the hands of businesses

SQL On The Edge #9 – Azure SQL Database Threat Detection

Despite being well documented for several years now, every now and then we still run into clients that have bad experiences because of SQL injection attacks. If you’re not familiar, a SQL injection attack happens when an attacker exploits an application vulnerability in how they pass queries and data into the database and insert their

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This site is dedicated to data topics! You will find out that most articles are related to Microsoft’s Data Platform tooling because the Authors dedicate most of their time to work with SQL Server database engine.

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