Presentation: Getting Started with Azure SQL Database

Today I had the pleasure of presenting my material on “Getting Started with Azure SQL Database” for the awesome folks at the SQL PASS Fundamentals Virtual Chapter.

Here’s the abstract from this session:

“As part of Microsoft’s aggressive cloud strategy, the Azure platform has been getting new releases and new features at a rapid pace. 

The Azure SQL Database is the most important service that DBAs need to be aware of, a system where we get fully managed databases and pay for the performance characteristics and recovery features of them. It is similar to the SQL Server databases you have on premise but different in what the DBA can control, what Azure manages for you and how it can be scaled up or down. 

Come learn how to sign up for Azure, get started with SQL Database and the differences between the different Basic, Standard and Premium databases services. “

For now I’m posting the slides so you can download them here: GettingStartedWithAzureSQLDatabase.

Once the video is uploaded I will embed it to this post as well.

UPDATE: The video has been uploaded now, see below:


Warner Chaves
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