Presentation: Profiling a problem query with XEvents and SQL DMVs

I’m honored to be presenting a webcast tomorrow with the SQL PASS Performance Virtual Chapter on using XEvents and DMVs to profile a query’s behavior:

“As DBAs we are responsible for our databases performance. When things go slow, users will look over to us and expect our tuning to be efficient, effective and timely. For those times when a simple look over the execution plan is not enough, Extended Events and the engine DMVs can provide the level of detail needed to analyze the most granular details about an execution. In this demo heavy session we will look at example XEvents session to use for troubleshooting slow queries and quickly manipulate them to get results. We will also take a look at the main DMVS that can help with query troubleshooting including the new dm_exec_query_profiles view in SQL Server 2014. Come see why no bad query can hide under the lens of XEvents and DMVs!”

Register here:

See you there!


Thanks for attending today everybody! Great questions at the end as well.

Here’s the download package:

Warner Chaves
Author: Warner Chaves
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