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Published on September 27th, 2015 | by Warner Chaves


SQL On The Edge #1 – Installing SQL Server 2016


Hello and welcome to my new video blog (Vlog) series SQL On The Edge! My goal with these videos is to provide short, concise demonstrations of the latest and greatest features regarding SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and other Microsoft data platform tools. I’m very interested in other related tech like Azure Data Factory, Power BI, etc so expect the series to branch out in those directions as well!

For today I’m going to be showing the installation process for the latest SQL Server 2016 CTP release: 2.3. This release just came out September 2nd, 2015 and is the best way to play around with the upcoming full release of the product.

As a quick reminder, these are some of the main new features coming to SQL 2016:

  • Improvements for AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Improvements on capabilities of the In-Memory OLTP technology
  • Improvements on the Columnstore indexes technology
  • New support for processing JSON
  • New Query Store feature
  • Temporal tables
  • New Azure integrations and many more.

Yeah, it’s a pretty big list and even though 2014 was released not long ago, this doesn’t feel like 2014 R2. Rest assured I will be covering in detail all these new features on new video episodes as time goes by.

For now, let’s jump into the first video in the series where we run down the installation process for this new CTP 2.3 and point out some of the best practices and new features on this new installer. Be sure to grab your own copy of the CTP installer right here and try this out for yourself.


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