SQL Server Backup and Recovery Documentation Template

As DBA’s one of our main responsibilities is to keep our data safe and recoverable. Part of this is to have a sound backup and recovery strategy, being familiar with the procedures and not panicking in the event of an emergency.

In order to help with all those goals, I recommend keeping documentation that not only can help you refresh your memory in an emergency but also can help someone else take care of the work if you’re not available. It could be that you’re gone for vacation or maybe you left the company, it doesn’t matter. Someone will really appreciate if you have left some detailed documentation of how to deal with a backup and recovery scenario for a particular server.

For those of you that haven’t gotten around to this but know that you need to, I have created a template that covers the most important information that should be documented regarding a SQL Server’s backup and restore procedure. I have filled it up with a fictional example so you get an idea of how I recommend to document things and then you can easily adapt it to your environment.

The template is provided as a Word document, please download from here: Backup and Recovery Procedure Template.

As usual, I will consider this a live document and we will be revisiting the template as necessary to make revisions based on our experiences and feedback.

Let us know in the comments if you would like us to upload some other templates that could be useful for your work!

Warner Chaves
Author: Warner Chaves
SQL Server Certified Master and MVP. DBA for MS technologies for over 10 years.

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