Video: SQL Server Native Backup Encryption

In this demo we’re going to show the new SQL Server 2014 capability to do native encrypted backups.

Before the release of SQL Server 2014, encrypted backups were only available in two ways:

a) 3rd party backup tools that came with this functionality.

b) The Enterprise-only transparent database encryption feature.

With SQL Server 2014, now both Standard and Enterprise edition can do encrypted backups natively, no 3rd party tool required, no need to activate TDE either.

Restoring an encrypted backup is a bit more complicated so make sure you understand how the process works, the steps to take and document and protect all the different pieces of information. We’ll go over that in the video, you don’t want to be the DBA that locked himself out of his data!

Check it out!

Warner Chaves
Author: Warner Chaves
SQL Server Certified Master and MVP. DBA for MS technologies for over 10 years.

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